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The Path to Virgin Mary's Faith

_ Holy Adoration of Virgin Mary Trypiti

Address: Zoodochou Pigis 131, Aegio

In the city of Aegio, on a imposing rock, is found the splendid and imposing temple - adoration of Virgin Mary Trypitis. In the entry of the temple you will see, a spurting source of therapeutical water, “agiasma” as they call it, with the sign “ΝΙΨΟΝ ΑΝΟΜΗΜΑΤΑ ΜΗ ΜΟΜΑΝ ΟΨΙΝ” which can be read the same backwards. The church celebrates on Easter Friday.

_ Holy Abbey Eisodion of Virgin Mary Omplou

Address: Krini Patras Tel. : (2610) 672125

In altitude of 860 metres and above the village of Sarabali (near to Patras), stands the historical Monastery of Obil Virgin Mary, as said by Albanian-speaking natives in the region, generally known as Glykeia Virgin Mary or Omplou, as it prevailed. The Abbey is considered to be founded by the period of Palaiologon (beginning of 15th century), in a safe place, due to the existence of the three fortresses (Saravaliou, Sidirokastrou and Sarakinokastrou) over the ruins of the older monastery. Today in the Abbey, are stored items of Honest Timber, many relics of Saints, the silver Cross of Agiasmou of 1989, two old pictures with Virgin Mary Brefokratoysa (1730 and 1817), and a lot of other heirlooms of value. In the Abbey also exists a rare and rich collection of old books. It celebrates on November 21.

_ Sission Abbey

Address: Loyrdata (Symbatata) Keffalinia, Municipality Argostoli Tel. : (26710) 31217

The Abbey of Virgin Mary of Sission is found in the bight of Loyrda. It is male Abbey. Her build is placed in the 13th century, when, according to the tradition, Fragkiskos of Assizis created Abbey, on the name of Virgin Mary and dedicated it to the Latin Bishopric of Keffalinia. The name “Sissia” in all probability constitutes rephrase of the word Assizi. The picture of the Abbey is named “Virgin Mary of Sission” and is a work of the 15th century. The appreciable portable pictures of chancel screen are work of the artist Stefanou Tzagkarola, who was a priest, (17th century) and are looked after in the Museum of Abbey of Saint Andreas. Between them, dominating position possesses the Virgin Mary of “Akathistou” Anthem. The central representation of Virgin Mary Glykofiloysas (cinquecento prototype) is surrounded by 24 smaller many-faced representations with subjects taken by the 24 houses of the greetings of Virgin Mary. The Abbey celebrates on Saturday of “Akathistou” Anthem, on Sunday of “Samareitidos” (return of the picture from the Castle of “Evagelistria” in which it is placed from the afternoon of the Sunday of Thomas) on Saint John “Chrysostomou” on 13/11 and 27/1, on Saint Nicodeme of Mount Athon's monk 14/7.


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PIC INTERREG IIIA Greece - Italy 2000-2006 Axis 3.2 Project Code I3201060

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