PIC INTERREG IIIA Greece - Italy 2000-2006 Axis 3.2 Project Code I3201060.


First itinerary: from Lecce to Galatina

Lecce is a civitas mariana, as the stone plaque in Piazza Duomo says, and even the Cathedral, despite the significant presence of the city’s patron Oronzo, is dedicated to the Assumption. The entire piazza pays homage to the “infinitely merciful” Mother, by means of the beauty, delicacy and sophistication of baroque art. Even her miracles are linked to the foundation of churches, such as S. Maria delle Grazie, built for the Madonna who, on the 7th of August 1585, cured a woman who was paralysed. S. Maria di Cerrate, an important Italo-Greek monastery, was, according to the tradition, built by the Norman Tancred, to whom the image of the Virgin Mary appeared between the horns of a deer during a hunting expedition. The name of the structure derives from this episode. After being abandoned, it was transformed into a farm.
The women involved in the textiles-clothing sector include Karol Cordella, daughter of the Salento stylist Pino. Since 2005 she has been at the head of the family tailoring business (founded in 1783), which also includes a fashion study centre and a collection of antique clothes (from 1860 to 1930) made by the most prestigious Italian and international companies. The young businesswoman and stylist, who once worked as a costume maker for the cinema and as a teacher of “the History of Clothing”, sells garments with her own brand which are characterised by constant innovation in terms of new trends and new fabrics. Ballet costumes form the basis of the creativity of the young owner of “DEGAS DI CRETI’ ELENA”:with her own brand, she creates clothes and other items for dance, characterised by their exclusivity and originality. Her previous experience as director and teacher in a school for dance has been fundamental in enabling her to meet the needs of a very particular niche market. A few paces from her shop is the women’s tailors “TAF S.A.S. X SECOND OPINION”, which focuses on the recovery of old clothes and fabrics, for the creation of vintage garments and accessories bearing her own brand that express considerable creativity.
Arnesano hosts the only company in Puglia still involved in the tobacco sector, belonging to Danilo Bartolucci. Rather than processing the leaves, the company focuses on the transformation of the flowers and the techniques for processing the seeds, which are mostly exported. The fundamental figure in this company is M. Rosaria Quarta, mescia and expert hand at the Azienda Agricola.
The embroidery workshop called Ricamificio EMMEPI continues the tradition of female labour and expertise in the economic context. Once a tobacco processing plant owned by the aristocratic Spanish family Lopez Y Royo, it subsequently became the home of the Mario Pennetta textile company. An important role in the business is played by his wife, a woman with excellent managerial skills and great tenacity.
Monteroni hosts another decommissioned tobacco processing plant owned by the Lopez Y Royo family, once one of the most important in the region. Currently the building is used as a hall of residence for university students, but its original appearance has not changed and it represents a valid example of conversion of an old industrial plant to serve needs that are more closely linked to the territory.
S. Maria delle Grazie in Soleto is quite different to the indulgent and merciful Mother seen elsewhere: indeed, this is the only case of the Mother who is severe and just with her children. Galatina is identified with “tarantismo”. To the Cappella di San Paolo, at dawn on the 29th of June, came the “tarantate”, the women bitten by the spider, to ask Saint Paul for forgiveness and protection. This ritual was performed for centuries, until about four decades ago. Near the chapel is the Centre for tarantismo and Salento customs.


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PIC INTERREG IIIA Greece - Italy 2000-2006 Axis 3.2 Project Code I3201060

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