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Itineraries in Salento's "women's places"

Women are characterised by an extraordinary vitality: being wives, mothers and workers has inevitably required a constant heavy commitment which however has highlighted their multi-faceted character and their “flexibility”.
Generally speaking, the women of the Salento have for too long been conditioned by their state of subservience. But the history of this region shows that women are one of its main strengths. This is confirmed by the “female contexts” of the past and present, chosen because of the important role (still) played by women. These include contexts of devotion to the Virgin Mary, woman and mother par excellence; the economic contexts of the female tobacco workers and factory workers; anthropological contexts, blending sacred and profane; and political contexts, which express the concreteness of the female temperament. This is the history of women. And of the Salento.

First itinerary: from Lecce to Galatina

Second itinerary: from Gallipoli to Leuca

Third itinerary: from Gagliano del Capo to Melpignano

Routes in Epirus of Women and Panaghia

The routes created as the result of the research activity in the Region of Epirus, will offer to the visitor of the area an unprecedented experience, by enhancing the prominence, promotion and utilization of cultural heritage of Epirus that is closely connected to female presence.
They are routes that lead, through gnarled or easily accessible trails, to churches and monasteries dedicated to Virgin Mary; to fetes and epirotic celebrations; to traditional foods made by the skillful hands of local women; to monuments which constitute irrefutable witnesses of female presence and contribution to the history of this land. Routes which bring visitors to direct contact with the landscapes of Epirus, which are as enchanting as the female figures that prevail in them…

… from Igoumenitsa to Preveza

… from Preveza to Ioannina

… from Preveza to Arta

… from Arta to Radovizia

… from Radovizia to Tzoumerka

… from Tzoumerka to Ioannina

Patras of Women

From the ancient era up to today the city of Patras consist the greatest economic, trading and cultural center of Western Greece. Plazas, castles, museums, conference and cultural centers jewel this beautiful city, while at the same time they consist the places where the most social and cultural events of the region take place. Through the recording and the exposition of their most significant characteristics, visitors will have the chance to meet the beauties of this city, while at the same time they will become familiar with the rich history of this city. The history of this city is enriched by the woman’s presence, whose contribution was significant and determinant in the social, cultural and economic growth of Patras, as well as of the wider region.

    Social and Cultural Path

    Economic Path

    The path to Virgin Mary’s faith


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PIC INTERREG IIIA Greece - Italy 2000-2006 Axis 3.2 Project Code I3201060

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