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…from Igoumenitsa to Preveza…

Igoumenitsa, the town that connects Greece with Western Europe, is the beginning of our routes. The path of faith and miracle initially takes us north, in the center of the prefecture of Thesprotia. Monasterieshistoric monuments, devoted to the Assumption of Theotokos, such as the monasteries of Ragion or Gyromeri, close to Filiates, and the monastery of Paganion, at a close distance from the village Kalithea in Paramythia, offer moments of mental breathing to visitors. Further south, we stop at Paramythia, one of the most picturesque towns of Thesprotia with narrow alleys and a market with traditional hand made products. One should definitely visit the Byzantine church of Panaghia of Paramythia, where people resort in order to find comfort (from the ancient Greek word paramythνa=comfort) in times of pestilence, epidemic and natural disasters, as well as the church of Agios Donatos in the town center. If one finds himself in Paramythia in early October, he will have the chance to try products made by women of the area in Lambovo, a local, 7-day trade fair.
Our next stop is Gliki which lies on the borders of the prefecture of Preveza. Horse riding, rafting, kayak, river trekking to the springs of the river Acheron, paragliding, are some of the activities that the area offers to sport 44 lovers, or just some food and drink by the river for those Routes in Epirus Of Women and Panaghia who seek moments of relaxation within nature. The area is also suitable for trekking along the path that leads through the Stair of Tzavelena to heroic Souli, the birthplace of Souliotisses (women from Souli).
Following the river Acheron to its mouth, it is worth visiting the archaeological site of Nekromantio, the most celebrated Oracle of the Dead of the ancient Greek world, where the gates of Aides (the underworld) were supposed to be located.
When we find ourselves on the national road again, we move to the direction of Igoumenitsa, and after a few kilometres we see Parga, one of the most popular tourist resorts of Epirus in the prefecture of Preveza, with a wide range of accommodation for a comfortable stay. In the middle of the bay of this rich in history town lies a small island with a small church on top of it, devoted to Virgin Mary. On 15 August, when the church celebrates, the custom of “Varkarola”, which is a representation of historic events, takes place and is attended by crowds of people.
After several kilometers of beautiful shores we reach Preveza, a picturesque town which offers visitors a variety of accommodation, entertainment, and gastronomic delight. Plenty of cultural events, such as the female carnival parade which is quite popular, take place throughout the year.


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PIC INTERREG IIIA Greece - Italy 2000-2006 Axis 3.2 Project Code I3201060

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