PIC INTERREG IIIA Greece - Italy 2000-2006 Axis 3.2 Project Code I3201060.



The project "Mother language over the history" is implemented in the framework of the Community Initiative Programme INTERREG IIIA GREECE - ITALY 2000-2006, Programme of Intervention 11, Priority axis 003 "ENVIRONMENT AND CULTURAL HERITAGE", Measure 002 "Promotion, Restoration and Development of the Historical and Cultural Environment of Common Interest".

This project is implemented in Greece specifically in Epirus and Ionian Islands region and in Italy specifically in South Puglia: Salento region.

 It aims at tracing women’s role in the local territory during ancient and modern history and its ultimate purpose is to set out these relevant local evidences as an opportunity for local development.

 Specific objectives

       To foster cooperation and to establish a strong relationship between the two countries.

       To create network in order to develop cultural element and exploit local resources.

       To develop sustainable tourism and exploit local touristy resources.

       To implement and encourage events of modern art performed by group of young people or women

       To disseminate information and to implement a promotional campaign on cultural issues with the support of new technologies.

Community Initiative INTERREG III 2000-2006


PIC INTERREG IIIA Greece - Italy 2000-2006 Axis 3.2 Project Code I3201060

Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund